3. Maxwell's Equations

Aesthetically speaking it is pure pleasure to write Maxwell's 8 interrelated differential equations using our matrices F and M:


We write the nabla-operator and the charge-current-density as four-form (i.e. as a single row) and not as a four-vector (i.e. a single column) for mainly aesthetic reasons: We want to multiply ∂/∂x etc. from the left side with the components of the vectors E and B of the electro-magnetic field.

For better comparison with the standard representations of these equations as presented in any textbook on electrodynamics, glance at the explicit notation of the above matrix equations. One of the equations is multiplied by c (compared to the standard representation), another three are muliplied by (–c) . The relation

explains the remaining differences to the standard form.

Impressed by the beauty of our condensed matrix-notation ?