Observatories and Satellites

The outstanding website of the "European Southern Observatories" ESO

Direct access to the ESO Press Releases

The european site for the Hubble space telescope, a collaboration of NASA and ESA

The NASA site for the Hubble space telescope. This link leads you to the picture gallery

The European entry to the SOHO site. SOHO is the solar and heliospheric observatory, a very successful collaboration of NASA und ESA

Portal of the Institute of Astronomy, University of Berne. Frontline research: Software for high resolution evaluation of the GPS signals and satellite laser ranging.
You will find a link there to the Laser Ranging ground station in Zimmerwald near Berne

The site of the German Laser Ranging groundstation in Wettzell, Bavaria.
Read the infrormations about TIGO. The homepage of TIGO is written in Spain and does not contain much information. The 'Wettzell' people offer a great list of links

The NASA Laser Ranging Service page. All informations of all the laser ranging stations worldwide are gathered here. Links to all of these laser ranging ground stations are to be found here

The entry portal to the Hawaiian Big Telescopes

The page of Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz et al. (University of Geneva) who in 1995 where the first to detect extrasolar planets

A link to the 100m-radiotelescope in Effelsberg/Eiffel, operated by the "Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie"

A link to the "High Altitude Research Station" on the Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat

The NASA portal to the LISA project. LISA is a planned detector for gravitational waves, based on three satellites that orbit the sun 20 degrees behind the earth. On the NASA pages you find 2015 for date of launch, on the corresponding ESA-site we read "Launch Date about 2018" ...