A Plea for the Use of Four-Vectors and Matrices in the STR

In this part I would like to demonstrate how powerful matrices and four-vectors are in the field of STR. It is well known that many problems are elegantly solved using four-vectors. But it is less widely known that, by introducing a few matrices, great tasks as proving the Lorentz-invariance of Maxwell's equations are executed on a handful of short lines.

Being a high school teacher, I do not really overwiew the actual literature on the topic. So I had the chance to invent the M matrix by myself in June 2007. I got quite excited when I detected its power, and in the first German version of these pages I asked the community to tell me, where these beautiful 'novelties' have already been published. And, of course, others have detected the beauty of this path before. In the last section You can find some hints to related literature.

First version posted in German on June 7th in 2007, 'English' version dating from March 28th, 2008