Solutions to the Exercises in the Book

Here you find my hand-written (!!) solutions to the exercises. And, even worse, these solutions are written in German. It will take another week of my next holidays to present to you nice English translations ...

The small .gif's will open in a new window. The .pdf's contain all solutions to a single chapter, they take 1 or 2 MB and will be saved as a file or opened by a pdf-viewer, depending on your browser settings.


  B C D E F G H I K
1 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif  
2 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .xls
3 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif   .gif .gif  
4 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif  
5 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif  
6 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif   .gif .gif  
7 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif   .gif .gif  
8 .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif .gif  
9 .gif .gif .gif .gif   .gif   .gif  
10 .gif   .gif .gif   .gif   .gif  
11 .gif   .gif .pdf   .gif .gif    
12 .gif     .pdf   .gif      
13 .gif   .gif     .gif      
14     .gif     .gif      
all .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf