F6     How To Continue?

If we just want to show the main results of the STR, then the next chapter should continue as follows:

These three points are essential. Only then can we achieve the goal of Einstein - to explain the “asymmetries which do not seem to be inherent in the phenomena”. Perhaps in time an expanded edition of this book will appear – but for the moment, I would simply like to reference the following works of other authors:

Some other topics we have treated could also be investigated in more detail:


Several additions and suggestions will be presented in chapter K. But for now I would like to maintain our momentum and leap into an introduction of the general theory of relativity. I will continue to make use of Epstein's presentation in [15], as well as the beautiful, but long out of print book [27] by Horst Melcher, published in 1968 in the former GDR, and which therefore perhaps has not experienced in the ‘West’ the renown it deserves.