If you prefer to read a printed copy

... then till october 2013 you could only buy the first German edition! The printing of this edition was possible thanks to generous sponsoring by the following companies and private persons:

sia Abrasives Industries AG, Frauenfeld
Kantonsschule Frauenfeld, Frauenfeld
Angelo Lombardi, Dr. sc. nat., Frauenfeld
Hans M. Streit, Dr. sc. nat., Frauenfeld
Stefan Casanova, dipl. natw. ETH, Frauenfeld

I would like to express my gratitude here again. So you can order a paper copy at an extraordinary low price.

This first german edition is still available, but is only shipped within europe.

"Epstein erklärt Einstein", first german edition 2007, softcover
charge  18 Franken (shipping in CH),  18 Euro (shipping in EU) 
send money to  IBAN CH40 0900 0000 8501 2071 5   (Martin Gubler)
or to   PC 85-12071-5 (Martin Gubler)
hint "Epstein" . Please add your postal address or send me an additional mail


In october 2013 I decided to publish both the actual german version and the english version of the book at epubli GmbH in Berlin. So you can buy there the book in english or in german. But these editions are very expensive! It's a full color-print on very good paper with hardcover binding.
Anyway you can still get the full content as a pdf-file for free. Do not forget then to make a small donation via PayPal ...

"Epstein erklärt Einstein", german, 2nd edition 2013, hardcover
ISBN  978-3-7375-1529-0,  98 Euro
Verlag epubli GmbH, Berlin, print-on-demand

"Epstein Explains Einstein", english edition 2013, hardcover
ISBN  978-3-8442-7060-0,  98 Euro
Verlag epubli GmbH, Berlin, print-on-demand